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The Walls of Liscarroll free download

Download sheet music as pdf file Download slow version of tune Slurred Jig Bowing

Download sheet music as pdf file Download slow version of tune Walls of Liscarroll

Download sheet music as pdf file The Lilt



More free sheet music and mp3s from each of Pete's books in the shop.


The The Walls of Liscarroll is a good tune for a beginner but the recording on this track deliberately lacks ‘lilt’. As well as listening to the slow tunes here make sure that you also listen to jigs played by traditional fiddlers. You can find some in the on-line discography.

For ease of learning,  the jig is played ‘straight’ using the Slurred Jig Bowing.When you are confident with the fingering and bowing you should eventually try adding The Lilt.

To obtain the free sheet music, and slow versions of these tunes as mp3 files, from Mel Bay's Complete Irish Fiddle Player use the buttons on the left. (The quality of printing and recording has been greatly reduced to create faster download speeds.)

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The above pages and tunes were
taken from Pete's book: